Music and the Middlebrow

Principal Investigators

Christopher Chowrimootoo

Chris is an Assistant Professor of Musicology and Liberal Studies at the University of Notre Dame. His current book project, Middlebrow Modernism, examines Benjamin Britten’s operas as a case study of the wider ways in which middlebrow composers, critics and audiences mediated the “great divide” between modernism and mass culture.

Chris has published articles and essays in the Cambridge Opera Journal, The Opera Quarterly, the Journal of the Royal Musical Association, and Twentieth-Century Music. He is the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships, including the Jerome Roche Prize of the Royal Musical Association (2013) and the Kurt Weill Foundation Article Prize (2013).

Kate Guthrie

Kate is a Lecturer in Music at the University of Bristol. At present, she is researching a book that will explore some of the initiatives that developed in 1920s and ‘30s Britain to promote elite musical culture to a wider audience. This project is the current focus of her broader interests in the social, political and cultural history of music in twentieth-century Britain.

Kate has published articles and book reviews with the Journal of the Royal Musical Association, Musical Quarterly, Music and Letters, and Music, Sound and the Moving Image. She was the recipient of the Royal Musical Association’s 2015 Jerome Roche Prize and the Music and Letters 2015 Westrup Prize.